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Our startup is

We offer innovative products and services that change the world for the better. We have a top-notch team of founders and employees who are constantly striving to bring new ideas and improve our products. Read more


The basis of our work. We do everything with maximum quality and practical usability.


It hurts our eyes how some services still offer outdated technology and appearance. We go with the times.

Personal approach

First the customer and then everything else. For us, communication with the customer is more than the creation of the project itself.

World projects

We have behind us the transoceanic creation of the project reaching North America.

We do it different

We run services on a different mindset than other IT companies. We have a secret recipe with which we can conjure great products.

You are safe

Every year information technology move and we keep up with trends. We create services that you will not be ashamed of because we think ahead. We know that when we combine creativity with quality, we always achieve great results.

for you

Decent and


Cooperation process


Arranging the first consultation

As soon as we receive an inquiry from you, we will arrange a consultation during which we will discuss all the necessary things to create our product.


Creating a creation plan

Creating a plan is an important part of creating quality service. The budget, quality, time and size of the product fit into the creation of the plan.


Payment of deposit

Once we have created a complete plan for creating the project, it is time to pay the deposit. For us, it is a guarantee that our time will be paid even in the event of any inconvenience on the part of the customer.


Consultations during the creation

We take it as our duty to be in touch with the customer throughout the creation of the project, because the result of the work is a satisfied customer.


Finished project

Completion of the latest changes and demonstration of the finished project to the customer. The customer pays the rest of the agreed price and we hand over all materials.

Awesome websites for you

We create high-quality, clean and great-looking websites with maximum usability for life. Minimalistic and clean design will add soul to your pages. Our code is adapted for maximum compatibility with your device and therefore our customers do not complain about long loading pages.

I want

Brand new website

From $625 - Basic template

This means that we will create a new site for you from scratch. We will draw what the website might look like and discuss the complete creation plan.

I want

Edit the website

From $45

You already own a website, but you don't want to redesign the whole site from scratch. Your request is to add some information or improve the colors of the site.

Beautiful graphic works

We like minimalism and beautiful design. That is why our vector and raster graphic works have a soul and looks great every time!

Unique video editing

We have been studying the world of video editing for 9 years. We've had thousands of hours cut and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. We know how to captivate the viewer with quality video and at the same time bring value.

153 600





internet views

Overseas projects

We can boast of creating projects that extend as far as North America.

Where we create?


Czech Republic

What people say about us

We are very satisfied with the professional and friendly approach to the implementation of our website, attractive design, security and correct web hosting server settings. Very good communication and willingness to meet our requirements. Very favorable price for excellent quality. We can warmly recommend the cooperation.


I recently had the pleasure of working with ingrasol to create a new website for our hockey team. The team at ingrasol was professional, responsive, and truly understood the needs of our organization. The design of the website was sleek and modern, and accurately reflected the spirit of our team. The website was easy to navigate and provided all the necessary information for our fans, including schedules, news and player stats.

BANCROFT ROCKHOUNDSCanadian Junior Hockey Club

Our website made fast, good price, fast and good agreement, inserting photos and video without problems, updated photos will add without problems, we recommend this company.

SPORTCENTRUM DVOŘÁKHotel and restaurant

Our clients